An American Zero
Freeing the Prisoners of Fear

Part One

An American Zero -- Moving Through Spiritual Boot Camp

Chapter One: Beaten Outcast: Facing Fear
Chapter Two: Racism: Pride Before the Fall
Chapter Three: Holocaust: In America
Chapter Four: Suburbia: Cold and Lonely
Chapter Five: To Kill, or be Killed: Guns in my Life
Chapter Six: The Hope: Guns out of my Life
Chapter Seven: Mr. President: With all due Respect
Chapter Eight: Doing What's Right: The Final Answer
Chapter Nine: Healing America: Begins with Respect for Authority
Chapter Ten: Facing Eric and Dylan: Ambush or Children Acting Bad
Conclusion: Part One

Part Two

Freeing the Prisoners of Fear -- A Christian on Active Duty

Chapter Eleven: First Mission: Seek Forgiveness
Chapter Twelve: Second Mission: Finding Sin and the Sinner
Chapter Thirteen: Third Mission: Following God's Plan
Chapter Fourteen: Continuing the Mission

Appendix: Darrel Scott's Testimony
Appendix: Developing Assets
Appendix: Small Group Ministries