An American Zero

Looking at America, I see nearly everyone judging their life's worth compared to their fellow Americans' success. Many use income, possessions, and occupation to evaluate their status with comments like "At least I'm better off than they are," or "If only I had their money or power, my life would be better."

On this vertical measurement in society many Americans are at the bottom, most are in the middle, a few are on top. Many, like myself, have worked hard to climb as high as we can - pursuing the American Dream.

I am proud to be an American and to receive the rewards of my labor. However, I realize that my American dream is as "mortal" as I am with a life expectancy that spans a time from birth to death. Consequently I am now increasing my focus on the "immortal" outcome of my dream and this mortal named Peter Dashiell. I see my transition between mortality and immortality based on how I have worked toward God's dream, what God plans for my life, and how God measures my worth.

In America, success is often valued in terms of dollars with a measurement of one point for every dollar acquired. Since measurement implies "a definite amount," the American success scale is finite with a bottom and top and I can climb only so high or fall so low - which makes the scale finite. Regardless of the goals reached or how proud I am of my accomplishments, all of my glory and pride are fleeting with my mortality.

I believe God's measuring points are based on my love for him. These points never shift and God's love for me is measureless. God's scale is infinite, so the work I do for God can't begin to compare to his unlimited blessings bestowed on me. Whatever honor or glory I do acquire, humankind will forget. Therefore, my pride could never come close to God's everlasting Glory.

So how can I measure my true worth from God's point of view? An interesting mathematical fact is that any number, regardless of how large, is just as far from infinity as zero. So when I think of how God might rate a prideful American, there are times when I humbly consider myself also an American zero.